What Does the Future of Instagram Look Like?

Instagram is one of the newest platforms when it comes to social media and, because of that, people are still trying to navigate how it works and how they can best use it to their advantage. That being said, there is a lot to consider when it comes to exploring Instagram and what it has available. It is always adapting to the landscape, and the future likely has a lot of things coming that people may not realize. Here are some predictions that researchers have.

More Pictures and Picture Options

There are so many great ways to enjoy Instagram, and pictures are at the center of it all. While there are a lot of filters and picture options, many Instagram aficionados use multiple apps to ensure that their pictures are as perfect as they can be. For the entire time that Instagram has been a thing, people have been asking for more options for pictures, and it’s likely it will happen in the future.

Expanded Access to Links

Linking on Instagram is impossible at this point, and can be difficult to try and work out. The only links that work are the ones to hashtags. So, because of that, it’s important to have options where you can share links with the outside world. While it may be a limited thing, it’s likely that links to outside sites may become something that people can utilize on Instagram eventually.

More Users as People Get to Age 13

The fact of the matter is, Instagram is most popular with people ages 13 to 45 (at this point in time). Because of that, as more people “age into” Instagram, there are going to continue to be more people getting on the site and enjoying everything that it brings to the table. Obviously, the older end of that is also going to increase because people will continue to use Instagram as they get older as well. If another platform shows up for younger audiences, this may change, but it’s not likely.

Bigger than Facebook?

With people who purchase Instagram followers (which really boosts numbers over time) and businesses that are bringing people to the fold, it’s not surprising that more and more people are using Instagram as a part of what they’re doing online. It’s not quite bigger than Facebook is yet, but there is speculation that it may be in the future – and that can be a pretty big deal when it comes to shifting social media foci.

If you haven’t jointed Instagram yet, you are definitely missing out on some interesting and unique ways to enjoy everything that the web has to offer. Consider looking at the app and trying it out for yourself. There is so much to enjoy on the site that it’s really not surprising to see just how many people have fallen in love with its simplicity and all of the pictures and videos that you can enjoy on the site.